How to Play Diablo 2 in 2020

Because Diablo 2 is such an old game and is not included in the default Blizzard installer along with all of Blizzards newer games, the setup process for Diablo 2 can be a bit more complicated than usual. Follow the instructions below to get Diablo 2 working on your PC in no time:

1. Buy Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD CD Keys:
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2. Register CD Keys in your Blizzard Account for Safety
3. Download the Game Client 
4. Download and install Project Diablo 2 (optional – highly recommended)

Although Project Diablo 2 is not part of vanilla Diablo 2, we highly recommend it due to numerous enhancements that have improved on Vanilla Diablo 2 in almost every way. Please Note: Project Diablo 2 requires the original Diablo 2 game and Diablo 2: Lord of Expansion which must both be purchased separately.

It is also possible to buy the game directly from Blizzards store, though prices are generally slightly more expensive this way, which is why we recommend buying from an external CD Key store if possible for the best price. Worst case, you can always try and find your trustee old Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD CD’s and use your original CD keys if you previously purchased the game in its heyday – but good luck finding them, as I myself unfortunately could not despite tearing my house apart. In any case, buying Diablo 2 is the surest way we have of voting with our wallets and letting Blizzard know that they would be a fool to not take the huge Diablo 2 fanbase seriously when considering their options for future remakes, remasters and in their design of Diablo 4.

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