Diablo 2 Servers Down [November 2020]

Over the past couple of months, the official Diablo 2 forums have been inundated with server connection issues which appear to have now come to a head with a full server crash causing online Diablo 2 game servers to stop working completely.

Diablo 2 server error showing no games available and with no Battle.net updates list

Update: After around 5-6 hours of downtime all servers are operational again and Ladder games are operational again. There has been no official word from Blizzard on the cause for the downtime or any additional info. Will update this post with additional info as it becomes available if Blizzard even makes an official announcement on the cause of the issue.

Issues reported by players over the past couple of months have included long queue times for creation games and occasionally being disconnected. Today on November 4th things seem to have spiraled out of control with the game being completely unplayable for over three hours at the time of writing for all Ladder characters.

The issues started off with players being disconnected from existing games and have subsequently become so serious that no one is able to create any games at all, making the Battle.net servers unplayable for all Ladder characters. Perhaps due to a lower server load non-Ladder characters appear to be working fine. The only aspect working currently for Ladder players are chat rooms (ironically, these went down first but were restored prior to the actual game servers going down).

Although this is not the first time this has happened, the server breakdown this time around appears particularly severe with no official word from Blizzard yet on the issues at the time of writing.

Possible reasons for servers going down

1. The launch of the new much-hyped “Project Diablo 2” the mod

The server issues happening the day before the launch of the upcoming Project Diablo 2 could mean that the new mod has attracted enough new and old players to the game to cause the Battle.net servers to overload and crash.

Find out more about the upcoming Project Diablo 2 mod in the video below if you aren’t well acquainted yet.

2. Not enough resources allocated to Diablo 2 servers

It’s possible the Diablo 2 team has had resources removed recently to move to other projects which could be causing the server issues to start happening. This is a theory that may not be without merit due to a large amount of external pressure on Blizzard lately and with them having a number of new games in the works.

3. Moving Diablo 2 to the standard blizzard launcher / new server infrastructure

Some forum members have skirted with the idea that maybe Blizzard is limiting server bandwidth in order to move the game over to either the official Blizzard launcher or new game servers. Although we can’t rule this out as a possibility, with no official word from Blizzard this is currently just pure speculation.

That said, it would certainly make since for Blizzard to do this if they can.

Accounts deleted due to server errors

Unfortunately, another dark side of these server issues is also that many players have simply had their accounts completely deleted due to server errors which they cannot recover.

The official reply from Blizzard we have listed below:

I understand that your Diablo II accounts were all deleted. After reviewing your case, I am afraid that we are not able to recover Diablo II account back to you due to technical impediment.

Please understand that there is limited support for us to take into a further look of your case to see why your account has been deleted.

However, when this error shows up, it means that we are not able to recover the account back to you since the account information has already been purged from our system.

Moving forward

If you are a Diablo 2 player trying to find out when they game will be available again we will keep this page up to date with all the latest news and any official word from Blizzard on the issue.

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