Diablo 2 Google Searches Still Over 100 000 Per Month 20 Years Later

After some digging by the Diablo 2 HD team, we’ve uncovered some startling ( and potentially hopeful) date regarding Diablo 2’s lingering popularity. It appears that according to the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool there are between 100 000 and 1 million searches for Diablo 2 every single month with some other tools pegging the number around 135 000. To put this into perspective, this is roughly the same search volume for the term “rpg games” and about a quarter of the search volume for “the witcher 3”. This means that according to Google searches alone Diablo 2 is still competing in terms of its popularity with many of the top RPG’s of the past 5 years, let alone the last decade!

These numbers are staggering considering Diablo 2 is over twenty years old and has already been followed by a sequel, on top of the vast technogolical leaps since then in terms of gaming as a whole. On doing some further digging using the Google Trends tool, which tracks keyword popularity over time, we can also see that Diablo 2’s popularity has remained completely stable over the past 5 years with no decline at all. Keep in mind that these scores are based on its percentage of all total searches done on the web including new games and other content (this said, it’s likely that in terms of raw numbers the searches are actually rising).

Does this mean we will certainly get a remaster? Definitely not, but it does point to the fact that the Diablo 2 fanbase are alive and kicking and actively searching for new Diablo 2 experiences regularly. From a business perspective, this is sure to catch the attention of executives at Activison-Blizzard which have received a lot of bad publicity in the past for alienating Blizzards fanbase, especially after Blizzards failed Diablo 3 launch. There are still many lingering concerns with a potential remake or remaster as highlighted in our latest major update post, but if anything these numbers may show a small silver lining in the wait for a Diablo 2 remake or remaster.

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